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We are immensely grateful to our partners that have made this day a possibility.

About Our Partners

International Research Centre for Calligraphy (IRCC)

The IRCC was founded at the University of Sunderland, UK, in 1999 by Dr. Manny Ling.

Its aims are to:

  1. Promote the theory, practice and study of contemporary calligraphy and the lettering arts
  2. To extend the long traditions of calligraphy and related learning in the North East of England
  3. To generate greater understanding of the various roles calligraphy plays in cultures around the world
  4. To facilitate dialogue between traditional calligraphic processes and new technology, and between different cultures
  5. To provide a centre for calligraphy and writing systems research at postgraduate and doctoral level
  6. To provide wider public access to lettering arts education.

It is currently headed by Prof. Ewan Clayton.

Calligraphy Research Group (CRG)

The Calligraphy Research Group (CRG) grew out of the PhD program associated with the International Research Centre for Calligraphy at the University of Sunderland, UK.

It is an international group of scholars and researchers interested in writing as an art form in various different cultures.

Visual Interactions in Early Writing Systems (VIEWS)

The Endangered Writing Network, coordinated by Dr Philippa Steele at the University of Cambridge, is associated with the interdisciplinary research project Visual Interactions in Early Writing Systems (VIEWS). The VIEWS project includes investigations into the contexts and vitality of ancient writing, from early alphabets through cuneiform scripts to hieroglyphic systems.

In order to apply insights from history and archaeology to protect and promote more recent writing systems and the languages they support, the Endangered Writing Network brings together a wide range of people, from academics working in languages, writing systems and anthropology to language activists, typographers, artists and above all members of affected communities.

National Museum of Language (NML)

The National Museum of Language honors and supports language acquisition, utilization and preservation, along with linguistic and cultural diversity.

Through our outreach activities and online resources, we celebrate the magic and beauty of human communication.


Mundolingua is a museum situated in the 6th arrondissement of Paris. Its purpose is to present information, objects and documents relating to language, linguistic diversity and linguistics to the general public.


LEXIGO is an award-winning translation and multicultural communications agency — enabling business, brands and government to communicate with confidence and boost time-to-market across 171 languages.

Driven by a global network of native translators, LEXIGO’s own cloud technology harnesses advanced AI to deliver authentic, peer-reviewed and culturally-informed translation.

Awarded as one of Australia’s most innovative companies in the Smart100 index and a Top 10 SME in the DELL Business Excellence Awards, LEXIGO is leading the way in accurately translating and managing multicultural content for hundreds of organisations every month.

Visit lexigo.com today.

Amazigh American Network Organization (AANO)

AANO is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Boston, Massachusetts. Our primary mission is to preserve and promote the rich cultural heritage and art of the Amazigh people in North Africa, our ancestral homeland, and all across the U.S.

At AANO, we strive to be a focal point for fostering a deep understanding and appreciation of Amazigh culture among Americans and individuals of other nationalities. Through a variety of initiatives spanning the entire United States, we aim to serve as a gateway for people to discover, learn about, and connect with the vibrant world of the Amazigh.

Our annual calendar is packed with diverse activities, including captivating performance shows, enlightening Amazigh language workshops, vibrant celebrations of the Amazigh New Year, the Amazigh film festival, and community outreach programs. These events, along with various other engagements, are designed to showcase and celebrate the uniqueness of Amazigh culture, language and art.

Visit weamazigh.com today.


LocWorld is the leading conference for international business, translation, localization, and global website management. People from all over the world attend to network will fellow professionals, learn about new trends in the industry, and do business will fellow attendees.

With a specific emphasis on global business, the conference provides an opportunity for the exchange of high-value information in the language and translation services and technologies market. The in-person conference is held twice yearly: once in Europe and once in North America.


We are committed to sustainable industries in underserved communities.

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At Phrase, we believe that when you unlock language, you unlock opportunity. That’s why we’re pushing the boundaries of language technology through automation and machine learning to power high quality, scalable, and fast localization for teams of any size. Our mission is to open the door to global business by giving everybody access to the content they need in the language they speak.

Please visit our website at www.phrase.com

The Language Conservancy (TLC)

The Language Conservancy is a nonprofit organization leading the resurgence and revitalization of Indigenous languages by developing innovative technologies and learning materials, conducting educational events, and raising awareness about the escalating loss of language worldwide.

The Language Conservancy currently works with more than 50 Indigenous language communities throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Australia. We are dedicated to rescuing the world’s endangered languages, restoring them to vital use, and safeguarding them for future generations.

The Language Conservancy helps prevent the extinction of languages by:

  1. Raising funds for research
  2. Increasing the international public awareness of the social and personal consequences of Indigenous language loss
  3. Providing technical support to organizations and communities engaged in revitalizing their languages.

Visit our website at https://languageconservancy.org/.

Bureau Works

Bureau Works is the industry’s top translation management company to serve all your needs. We are pioneers in localization technology. Determined to break tired paradigms and give birth to the new. We build healthy and scalable translation frameworks so that you can focus on your business. You can start big or small, our proven tech will get you where you need to be.

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